How to make a traditional German Easter tree


Fort Bragg As promised yesterday, here is another idea with eggs for Easter. How about a lovely Easter tree?

You’ll want to decorate the eggs as described yesterday except, this time you don’t need hard boiled eggs. They need to be hollow. To get the egg white and yolk out of the eggs, keep them at room temperature first of all, as they will be hard to blow out if cold.
Hold the raw egg carefully over a bowl and very carefully make a hole at both ends of the egg with a big sewing needle, making sure to puncture the yolk. Try and enlarge one of the holes a little bit. Now blow carefully into the smaller hole. With a bit of luck (and maybe practice) the white and yolk will fall into the bowl and will taste nice when turned into scrambled egg. When you do this for the first time you may well break a few eggs, but as long as they break into the bowl you can still use them.

buy Seroquel mastercard Once the empty eggs have dried out you can decorate them. Attach some string or thin pretty ribbon to a small bit of a matchstick, insert the matchstick into the egg and you are ready to hang the egg.

Buy (or find in the garden) some nice branches with buds on them, arrange them in a vase and hang the eggs on them.

You now have a traditional Easter tree.

Or you could cheat like I did – I found a traditional German Easter tree with wooden decorated eggs for little money at the car boot sale 😉 

Let me know if you had a go!

EDIT 2020: I just found this lovely video which explains exactly how to make those eggs.

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