How to improve your German while getting ready for Christmas

How to improve your German while getting ready for Christmas

Does your German learning take a back burner during Advent because you’re too busy with other things?

Why not learn some German while doing all those tasks?

You want to make an Advent calendar?
Check out these German sites for ideas:

You want to make your own Christmas cards? 
Follow some German instructions, like this video:

You want to make some decorations with the children?

How about some snowmen like these:

You want to bake for Christmas?
How about some German biscuits:

Or these really easy gingerbread houses:

You don’t have time for making thing because you need to do some online presents research?
Go to to do your research. Then go to your own amazon – or even better, to your local shops – to do your Christmas shopping.

You don’t want to do any of these things, you just want an online Advent calendar!
Here are some online Advent calendars for German learners:

Whatever you do, enjoy this time!

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