How to cook and learn German

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EDIT: The cook and learn website doesn’t seem to get updated anymore, but there are still a lot of nice recipes for you to try out.

When you start learning German it’s quite easy to find resources as there are lots of textbooks, apps and websites to help. But as your German improves it gets more tricky as there aren’t that many resources around.

There is, however, another way to improve your German and that is to combine it with your hobby.

Regular readers will have read posts with suggestions for train enthusiasts, chess players, music lovers and others.

Today’s post is for those who like to cook.

Last week I was followed on Twitter by CookAndLearn. I checked out their website and was most intrigued. Run by Kirsten Weber, a German national, who now lives in Toronto, it is aimed at those who like to cook and improve their German at the same time – perfect!

It’s still very new and doesn’t have many recipes yet, but it looks very promising. I had a snoop around and took some screenshots. Those screenshots are not good to read but they should give you an idea and should entice you to check out the real thing. And if you click on any of the screenshots you get taken to the original post.

So, what do you get?

Recipes in German only (like the one in the following screenshot). There is an explanatory text about the recipe, followed by a list of ingredients and the cooking method.

If that’s too difficult, you can click on the ‘Show translation’ button. You’ll then see everything in German and English.

As there are only a few recipes at the moment, you might like to explore the ingredient translator . Here you can add your ingredients from a german recipe and let the translator transalet it into English. I tried it out for you.

It wasn’t perfect. It didn’t know what Spätzle was nor Suppe and it currently only works for vegetarian recipes. But it’s still a time saver if you need to know the translation for more than one ingredient.

I’m certainly excited about it and can’t wait to see lots more recipes.
What do you think? Can you see this turn into a great recipe collection?

And if you want to use a journal to keep hold of all your recipes, you might like to use mine 😉

Or, if you prefer something digital instead of pen and paper, you can buy my Trello board

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