How to borrow German magazines in the UK

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This article is for my UK readers, but I could imagine there might be similar systems in other countries. Please let me know if there is.

As your German improves more and more you probably want to read more interesting things than a textbook. Sometimes you might be lucky and can buy a German book or magazine in a shop near you or you can read part of magazines on the magazine’s website (unless, of course, you’ve moved to Germany, where you have lots of choices).

I have mentioned local libraries before where you might find some German books (it’s always worth finding out), but today I want to tell you about another service your library might offer and that is via a library app.

I thought I was in heaven, when I found out I can read some of my favourite German magazines for free via the library app.

Different libraries use different apps, so it’s best if you go and ask, whether your library has one. If yes, join your library and download whichever app they use.

The most popular apps seem to be Libby and BorrowBox. Wiltshire Library, which I joined, uses the Libby app.

Once you’ve downloaded your app, search for German magazines. I took screenshots of some I found, like these magazines with recipes.

Or how about some magazines for digital products, like cameras, PCs etc…

Cover image of German magazine  Mac Life
Cover image of German magazine  Digital fernsehen

Or maybe you’d like to read things for your health

Cover image of German magazine  NaturApotheke
Cover image of German magazine  GESUND LEBEN

Women’s magazines

Cover image of German magazine Brigitte
Cover image of German magazine  Gala

For parents (Eltern) and a magazine for children (Geolino, also useful for adults who’d like to read a bit more basic German)

Cover image of German magazine  Eltern
Cover image of German magazine  GEOlino

And a few more I found

If you borrowed one that’s currently far too difficult to read, you can just return it. You can always read another issue at a later date.

And all this for free! On the Libby app I can borrow as many magazines as I wish for three weeks and I’m guessing, any other apps will be the same.

So, go to your local library, find out if they have an app like this and if yes, join your library, install the app on your smartphone, tablet or even PC, and start reading!

To improve your German even further, use one of my journals, planners or printables to make notes (remember, you can’t keep the magazines) or one of my Trello boards to take screenshots and save.

That just leaves one question: Which magazine will you read first?

Pin it now, read it later!

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