How Beethoven can help you improve your German

How Beethoven can help you improve your German

I came across this lovely website the other day, the Beethoven Haus für Kinder  It is originally aimed at German children who want to find out more about Beethoven, but actually it’s just as good for adults. I’ve just spent an hour looking around and clicking on various items on the screen and reading interesting snippets.

You do need to have some knowledge of German, though, either have done your GCSE exam or equivalent, or working on level B1/ B2 of the European Language Portfolio.

So it’s perfect for those who have learnt German and would like to keep it up; and if you like classical music, then it’s even more interesting.

The top picture shows you the screen you’ll get to as soon as you click on the link. Nearly everything on that screen is clickable and you can read things like this:

You can listen to additional information.

Find out about general history.

And when you completely exhausted the screen and everything that’s on it, scroll to the right to see a second screen

with more clickable items:

All in all great fun!

Go on, have a go, play around , practise your  German and find out interesting bits of information about Beethoven!

Then tell me what you think about it. I’d love to know whether you found it as much fun as I did!

Here is the website again:

My thanks go to Katalin Wiesner. If she hadn’t found this site and posted the link in a facebook group I probably hadn’t found it either – danke, Katalin!

4 thoughts on “How Beethoven can help you improve your German”

  1. That’s fascinating, Angelika. Poor man was deaf and could “feel” his music through vibrations, as far as I can remember it when I was studying for music “A” level here in the UK. Probably the most deeply inspiring composer of his era. Thanks for sharing!


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