Holidays in Germany – walking and cycling in Grafschaft Bentheim

A few weeks ago we went to Germany to see my family and to relax from a few hectic months of work. In fact, Steven and I were relaxing and enjoying ourselves so much that I’d like to persuade you to have a holiday there.

Where is ‘there’? It’s the Grafschaft Bentheim (County of Bentheim) in Niedersachen (Lower Saxony), right on the Dutch border.

Why would I want to go there? Because it’s a wonderful area for cycling and walking. We spent every day walking between 5 and 10 miles but because the area is so flat it is ideal for cycling, especially as there are cycling paths everywhere. Not just in the town centres but along the roads between towns.

You can walk, jog or cycle through forests, like the ‘Bentheimer Wald’, visit museums, like the old school museum in Schüttorf, go swimming in the Quendorfer lake, and of course, enjoy the shops, pubs, restaurants and even a large night club, the Index. And if you don’t want to cycle all the time, you can take the Fietsenbus (Fietse is the Dutch and also lower German word for Fahrrad, bike) which transports you and your bike.

If this has whet your appetite, the Graftschaft Bentheim Tourist Information has loads of info (in German)about where to stay, what to do and has downloadable info about cycling routes, all in all there are 170km of cycling routes.

If you need more persuasion, have a look at some of the pictures I took while there:

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