Hey, hey, hey, look, what we’ve done!

EDIT: Sadly, the Saturday School closed its doors due to lack of children. I will keep this post, though.

Today was the last day again of another term at the German Saturday School.  The four oldest in the group – Cissi, Charlotte, Abigail and Yona – had been doing work on TV programmes this term. So, for the last lesson they were allowed to make a powerpoint presentation of a poem about advertising (taken from the book ‘Ja Klar 3, Deutsch als Fremdsprache für die Grundschule’)   We had one problem, though – we only had one laptop. Plus, it was a German laptop, which meant, it didn’t have the QWERTY keyboard and the PPT programme was in German. So, instead of ‘Insert’ it read ‘Einfügen’, instead of ‘new slide’ it said ‘Neue Folie’, and ‘Slide Show’ was ‘Bildschirmpräsentation’, etc… – all new words for them! But that didn’t bother them. One girl at a time used the laptop and copied out part of the poem, whereas the others drew pictures. After I scanned the pictures in, they finished the presentation with some sounds and did a spell check. They are really pleased with their work. Have a look and let me and them know what you think about the story of Stefan Kahr     

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