Help, how do these German dual prepositions work?  

Hacılar Help, how do these German dual prepositions work?

Yesterday I gave you some hints on how to memorise all those pesky prepositions.

Today I just want to share some videos with you which I found on Youtube and which are very helpful in explaining those two-way prepositions.

If you listened to the last video yesterday, you should know those prepositions  –

Phultala vor, hinter, über, unter, an, neben, zwischen, auf, in

Did you ‘hear’ the tune as you read them? I did  😎

This video has been beautifully made by some American students as part of a competition. They made one small mistake, the first sentence ‘Ich sitze auf einen Tiger’ should have been ‘Ich setze mich auf einen Tiger’ – apart from that it is a fantastic video!

I have been told about an “under appreciated  gem” of a video, which also explains those prepositions. I checked it out and feel, it belongs here, too – enjoy!

EDIT 2017: The following videos are from my online course German grammar – the four cases

This one explains the prepositions:

And this one is for you to practise ☺

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