Have you been good for St Nicholas?

The 6th December is St Nicholas Day. There is an interesting article on Wikipeda about the history and legends but for German children there are far more interesting things to decide, like which plate to put outside their door!

According to legend, during the night from the 5th to the 6th December, Nikolaus brings sweets, fruit, nuts or even small gifts to all children who have been good and have left a plate out for him to deliver the goods to. It used to be a boot but we prefer a clean plate nowadays 🙂

I’m pleased to say that every year he does a detour via Devizes in the UK (and many other places) while delivering his goodies to the German children, so to give something back, I’ve found some Nikolaus videos for you – enjoy  😆

Of course, if you have been naughty …….  you don’t really deserve those videos   😈

A catchy Nikolaus song for you to sing along to:

A brilliant video of a popular German Nikolaus song using lego:

6 thoughts on “Have you been good for St Nicholas?

  1. Belgians also celebrate St Nikolaus and with my late mum being Belgian, I would get presents twice in December. Cool, huh! Do German children get presents on December 25th as well?

    1. They get their ‘proper’ presents Christmas Eve. My Dutch cousins on the other hand got their presents on the 6th and then came over to Germany on the 24th for more presents … As a child I used to be dead jealous!

    1. Sorry to hear that, Lynn. I tried to have a word with him on behalf of my friends, but he was so quick delivering his sweets, I missed him 🙂
      But presents of Christmas Eve & Christmas Day sounds cool (I hope you DO get birthday presents on the 24th and Christmas presents on the 25th!!!)

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