Have fun learning German with jokes

Have fun learning German with jokes

Jokes are a great way to learn or improve your German. Especially funny pictures with just one or two sentences are brilliant for beginners and advanced learners alike.  That’s why, whenever I spot a funny picture on facebook, I post it on my facebook page. But not all of my blog readers are on facebook, so here are a few websites where you can find funny German jokes.

  1. Gunga Cartoons
  2. Ruthe
  3. Uli Stein.de

Some jokes are nice and easy to understand, others require some more advanced German knowledge – something for everyone!

Oli's blog Uli Stein     Ruthe.de gegen den Strich

Have you seen any interesting German jokes sites? Please tell us!

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    • The first bird says:”But of course education is not everything, Heinz – it’s just …” The second one replies that he loves the first one, but uses wrong grammar. It should be ‘aber ich liebe dich’ It’s not translatable but in English he might have said something like ‘But I loves you.’ or ‘but me loves you’.


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