Happy Birthday Udo Lindenberg

People who have learned German during the 1970s may have come across the German singer Udo Lindenberg. Born on the 17th May 1946 he started singing in the 60s in English, which wasn’t successful, but when he started singing in German  in the 70s things changed. 40 years later I read in a magazine that not only does he turn 70 this month, he also still sings and has a new album out.

If you have heard and liked his songs you may like to listen to some and reminisce a bit. If you don’t know him,  what better way to celebrate his birthday than by getting to know him and some of his music.

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To find out more about him, you could read the English or German info on Wikipedia or explore the Udo-Lindenberg.de website. His songs can be found on Spotify and Youtube, so there are lots of ways for you to find out if you like his music or not, before deciding to buy some.

Are you ready to listen to some of his songs?

And from his latest album:

EDIT 18 May 2018: In episode 38 of Ask Angelika we looked at the lyrics from Cello, as you can practise your German on Lyrics Training with ‘Cello’

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