Happy Birthday Jungle Book

On the 18th October 1967,  ‘The Jungle Book’ came to our cinemas. I wasn’t aware of this until I received an email about it yesterday. Immediately I was taken back in time ….

I don’t remember when the film came to Germany but I do remember my mum taking me and my brother and some cousins (I think) to the nearest town with a cinema to see ‘Das Dschungelbuch’.
My mum did something very British: she queued!
Everybody else behaved German: they didn’t!
Result, by the time we got to the counter to get our tickets, we were told the cinema was full.
My mum then complained so much that they let us watch the film sitting on the floor on the side – unthinkable nowadays, just think of health and safety!!!
And that was my first experience of the Jungle Book. A few years later it was at the cinema again and I was able to watch it ‘properly’, sitting on a seat. Then, as students in Dortmund, a friend and I went to see it three times, because each time we watched it we found some new funny things – what a difference to nowadays when you can just watch and rewind films as many times as you like.

To this day, the Jungle Book is still my favourite Disney Film.

What’s yours and have you seen any in German? Let me know by leaving a comment below, on facebook or on Twitter.
I’ll leave you with a few clips (in German, of course).

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