Happy 10th Birthday Angelika’s German Tuition & Translation!

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On the 4th July 2006 I founded Angelika’s German Tuition & Translation and started working for myself. At the time I read somewhere that many new businesses fail within the first 18 months. That was quite worrying for me as at that time I only had one client. I also didn’t really know much about marketing and getting new clients wasn’t easy.

But I made my decision and was going to stick with it and gradually the students came. In January 2008 I realised that I had gone past the 18-month period – and I was still in business, hurray!

Before I knew it, I was approaching my 5-year anniversary and I wanted to do something special, but what? I’ve seen a few flash mobs on YouTube and thought what a wonderful idea it would be if we could do a German singing flash mob. The 4th July 2011 came … but the people didn’t. Various reasons prevented them from attending, but 8 people did arrive. So we did a flash mob … without the mob ☺

But we had fun! And that is something I keep on saying a lot: learning German (or anything else) should be fun! That doesn’t mean that it’s never hard or challenging, but there should be an element of fun, which makes the challenging bits more bearable, too.

And now it’s the 10th anniversary of Angelika’s German Tuition & Translation and I have gone from teaching one client to teaching lots of students at my home, at business premises, via Skype and online courses. I have translated several websites, a few books and countless letters and documents, and I am a published author!

And I’m loving every bit of it!

So I was looking for something to do for the 10 year anniversary  and an idea turned into a book which has been written to pass on a little bit of the fun and joys of learning German or visiting Germany. The idea came when one of the groups I teach did some poetry work and enjoyed it. So I asked all my students and lots of other people if they would like to write a poem, either in German or English about learning German or visiting/ being in Germany. Some didn’t want to, others thought it was a good idea but not for them, and some did!

Thank you  Al & Gill Summers, Annabel Cobb, Caroline Kilner, Chris Stevens, Freya Wahler, Michael & Gisela Leat, Helen & Paul Dickinson, Jacqueline Seidel, Lynda & Helen Mills, Kristen Palana, Roberta Head, Sanjeev Kumar Mittal, Suzan St Maur and especially Steven Healey for making this book possible.

Love you all
Angelika x

PS. Please enjoy this little book of 21 poems, written with the help of 18 friends in English, German or a mixture of both. It is available in Kindle and print format. I set it as cheap as possible but there will be a little profit which  will go to charity. To find out about the current charity of the year, go to Charity Events

German(y) in Poetry: A collection of poems in English and German paperback

German(y) in Poetry: A collection of poems in English and German Kindle Edition

This is one of the poems


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