Going to university? Why not study in Germany?

Going to university? Why not study in Germany?

It won’t be long until the A-level results are out and soon  new sets of students will start their studies at universities and will accumulate huge debts thanks to the high tuition fees (currently up to £9000 per year in England). But if your A-levels included German, why not study in Germany or Austria?

German and Austrian universities do not charge tuition fees any more and only require some admission fees – a lot less than £9000!

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD – Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) has a wonderful website Study in Germany which gives you lots of information about choosing a course, admission requirements, language requirements and about living in Germany. They also have a facebook page 

Another website, Studying in Germany also has useful information and a  facebook page

To be accepted at a German university you need to have passed the TestDaF or DSH test at Level B2 of the Common European Framework which equals the UK’s A2 level, but depending on what you want to study you may even be able to do it if you don’t speak any German.

The UK’s official graduate careers website  also has information about studying in Germany, as has Mawista, a German site with lots of information (in English)

There is also a useful smartphone app for anybody hoping for a career in Germany: Career Compass Germany from Amazon (free) .

To find out how good your German is, try the Goethe Institut online test  and if you are scared that your German might get a bit rusty before you start studying, there are lots of online resources to keep you busy. You could start by checking out my free online resources blog posts. Although a lot of them are for beginners, there are also lots of ideas for people who know German and want to keep it up.

So, if you are a future student and don’t know yet, where to study, why not Germany? The beer’s also good  😆

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