God save the Queen – Gott schütze die Königin!

I have just enjoyed some Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Devizes where I was asked by somebody what I made of all the fuss about Queen Elizabeth II and her jubilee. It wasn’t the first time. Last week I was asked whether I was glad that Germany didn’t have a monarchy and how I was going to ‘survive’ the weekend.

Some people seem to assume that because Germany has no monarchy, Germans aren’t interested in the Royal Family. Surveys about whether Germany should have a King or Queen have always been answered with a majority NO, but the interest is there.
Germans want to know about the Queen, so here are some websites where you can practise your German by reading about ‘die Queen’:

www.gala.de shows thirty pictures of the Queen in their ‘fashion look for the stars’ series.

www.bunte.de has so many Queen and Royal family links that I didn’t know which one to post here.

www.stern.de shows lots of lovely pictures and text about the flotilla

www.bild.de  has videos, photos and lots of interesting facts about the Queen, including an A – Z of facts and this lovely picture:


There you have it – even a very British topic is useful for improving a foreign language J

What did you do this weekend? Did you participate in any Jubilee celebrations? Did you watch it or read about it? In English or in another language?



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