How German am I?

Bezerros A few days ago I read a brilliant blog post “How German Are You?” (Edit 2016, no link as website gone)  In it Christiane Hayes tells about her 25 years in the UK and how many German things she misses and what she prefers in England. She also puts a link to a test to find out how German you are. Reading her blog post made me wonder “How German am I?”

Technically speaking, I’m not German at all as I became a British citizen in 1984, which means I have been British longer than I have been German. And yet, I still see myself as German. When asked I tell people I’m German and if people  say bad things about Germany I defend it.

And yet, I love living in England. It’s my home and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I love the English way of life and especially the British humour.

So, I’ve asked the same question as Christiane: “How German am I?”

And I tried this highly intelligent and sophisticated really stupid but funny quiz. (EDIT: The original quiz has disappeared but I found a similar one.)

The verdict?

I got: “Extremely German! Get this man a beer, a brat, and white asparagus!”


What’s your score? Can you live with it? ☺


7 thoughts on “How German am I?

  1. Hi Angelika,

    As some of the questions contain German words I really had to dig deep to remember the German language I learned years ago 😀

    Apparently I am 40% German (16/40) – yes, I can live with that 😉

  2. Wow! It’s a small world indeed! And you’re a British citizen, too! I never felt the need to go that step further hehe, but good to see you’re still German at heart 😉

    1. I wanted to get involved in local politics and be able to vote, which then I could only do as a British national (I think that may have changed now) … but I’ll ALWAYS be a German at heart!

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