German is the most useful language to learn!


I just had to share this with you!

The Telegraph posted a very interesting slide show today about the 10 best languages to study. Guess which is the best one?

I show you the no 1 slide:



Yes, it’s German!

“Germany remains the largest single export market for British goods outside of the USA, and Europe’s largest economy – with a GDP of more than €2.4 trillion – continues to defy the eurozone downturn. So it’s no surprise that UK companies want to hire employees who know their umlauts from their eszetts.”


Need I say more?



8 thoughts on “German is the most useful language to learn!”

  1. We used to deliver a lot of stuff to Germany, but now more goes to Portugal, Spain and Russia. Perhaps if our German was better… (well actually Kev’s is better than mine)


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