German for your holidays

where to buy stromectol The following text is a chapter from my book The A to Z of Learning German: 26 ideas to make learning German more exciting and fun!

where to buy Quetiapine without a prescription Visit Germany to practise your German! This is an obvious point! Is there any better way to practise what you’ve learned or to learn new words?

Of course, not everybody can do that, so how about a pretend visit. Either way, there are some great ways online to practise your German reading and then either just enjoy what you’ve read or book a holiday for real.

First obvious choice is Tourism in Germany. This site has a wealth of information about Germany and where to holiday. You can either read everything in English if you’re after information or change the language to German to turn it into a reading exercise. It also has a travel planner for you to plan your own journey, either for real or pretend. I suggest you try out the travel planner in your own language so that you know how to use it, then change the language to German and play.

If you are interested in a particular town or area, search for them in Google and read about them on their websites. Or use Wikipedia to read about that place in German, then, if need be, check on the left hand side if there is an English version. You won’t find an exact translation but most  of the text is pretty similar, enough to give you an idea whether you understood an article correctly or not.

Then, when you’ve finished sorting your holiday, go to the German version or Airbnb or Expedia and find a hotel or a room which you would have liked to book, if you were going for real.

Final thought: If at all possible, try and book a holiday in Germany or Austria or wherever you would get the chance of speaking German. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to hear people speak German for real and even better if you can answer. But if that isn’t an option, use the internet to play around and pretend.


Whether you’re going on holidays to a German speaking country or just pretending, have fun finding new German words and enjoy reading text you understand!

And that is what we did in our last video show, where we discussed some words you will find on the German Airbnb website.

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