German for Keep Fit Enthusiasts

German for Keep Fit Enthusiasts

A few years ago I wrote a blog post called Keep fit or learn German? Why not do both? It was a fun post for beginners who want to keep fit but also learn German. So I found some fun action video which taught some basic German ☺

But what about keep fit enthusiasts who want to do their daily exercises but at the same time keep up their German?

German websites for keep fit fanatics!

For example, Women’s Health has a German website

There you can learn words like

  • Bauchmuskeltraining (abdominal muscle training),
  • Hindernisslauf (obstacle course)
  • Kopfstand (headstand)
  • Muskelaufbau (muscle building)

You can read fitness tips, follow healthy recipes, subscribe to their newsletter, follow them on Twitter or Facebook – and all in German!

Of course, Men’s Health is also available in German!

There you can find out how to get a Waschbrettbauch (six-pack, literally a washboard stomach), how to do some abspecken (colloq. for to lose weight) and other Trainings-Geheimtipps (secret training tips), as well as subscribe to their newsletter or follow then on Twitter or Facebook.

If you would rather watch videos, so that you could do some exercises while hearing the instructor speak German, find out some keywords of what you are interested in and then search YouTube.

I had a quick look and found these videos. They might just be what you are looking for:

This is the perfect way to combine two of your hobbies – you’ll improve your fitness AND your German!

What do you think?

As a follow-up to this blog post, it also was the topic of episode 16 of Ask Angelika, where we talked about more German phrases you could learn.

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