German for horse lovers

This post has been written for anybody who loves horse riding and is learning German.

The idea came after a discussion with a student who told me about his forthcoming stay at a language school in Germany and his intention to go horse riding while there.

I have to admit I know absolutely nothing about horses (except that they are huge animals on four legs 🙂 ), so instead of giving you information that may not be true, I searched and found useful German websites for German learning horse lovers.

This one is a cartoon for children explaining about some different types of horses

This one shows you the different types of gaits

And this one is part of a series about looking after your horse. If you know all this it should be fun/ easy/ interesting to listen to the German instructions

Do you love horses? Then say it in German: ich liebe Pferde!


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4 Responses to German for horse lovers

  1. The Blocked Dwarf says:

    Ich liebe Pferde. Kaufe stets Lidls Bolognese! 😛

  2. The Blocked Dwarf says:

    Komischer Weise hab’Ich nur in Deutschland Pferdefleisch gegessen, und zwar Pferdewurst (sah ähnlich wie Rindswurst aus) in einer Gastwirtschaft in HH- der Koch habe sie schwarzmärktlich erworben.

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