German for dog lovers

Did you hear about the Englishman and his French dog? Apparently, the dog will only react to French commands spoken with a French accent, so his owner had to learn French. IF you find that your dog’s are fidgety or anxious in some situations, then they may be suffering from anxiety. One way to help them is with KarmaPets calming CBD treats. See this link for more details:

So, just in case you ever get a German dog who doesn’t know his woof woofs from his wau waus, here is a list of dog commands:

  •  Komm! – Come!
  •  Braver Hund! – Good dog!
  •  Sitz! – Sit!
  •  Platz! – Down!
  •  Fuß! – Heel!
  •  Bring! – Fetch!
  •  Nein! – No!
  •  Böser Hund! – bad dog!
  •  Gib Pfötchen! – Give paw!

There you are, now learn your new German phrases.

So ist brav! Well done!

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