German for dog lovers

Did you hear about the Englishman and his French dog? Apparently, the dog will only react to French commands spoken with a French accent, so his owner had to learn French.

So, just in case you ever get a German dog who doesn’t know his woof woofs from his wau waus, here is a list of dog commands:

  •  Komm! – Come!
  •  Braver Hund! – Good dog!
  •  Sitz! – Sit!
  •  Platz! – Down!
  •  Fuß! – Heel!
  •  Bring! – Fetch!
  •  Nein! – No!
  •  Böser Hund! – bad dog!
  •  Gib Pfötchen! – Give paw!


There you are, now learn your new German phrases.

So ist brav! Well done!

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