German for cyclists

German for cyclists

Do you love cycling?
Do you cycle everywhere?
Are you glued to your TV when the Tour de France or any other cycling event is on?

Well, here is your chance to combine your love of cycling with learning German!

First of all, who are you?

  • a cyclist – ein Radfahrer/ eine Radfahrerin, sometimes also Fahrradfahrer/in
  • cyclists – Radfahrer (the word is the same in plural as in singular)
  • a racing cyclist – Radrennfahrer/ Radrennfahrerin (female)
  • racing cyclists – Radrennfahrer (plural male as singular)/ Radrennfahrerinnen (female plural)
  • avid cyclist – begeisterter Fahrradfahrer  ​
  • trick cyclist – Kunstfahrer, Kunstradfahrer
  • leisure cyclist – Freizeitradler
  • professional cyclist – Profi-Radsportler
  • enthusiastic cyclist – begeisterter Radfahrer ​

And what do you do? You cycle – radfahren, eg ‘Ich fahre Rad’, often also said ‘Ich fahre Fahrrad’.

And what do you sit on? A bike, of course:
Ein Fahrrad, often just shortened to Rad and sometimes even called Drahtesel (lit. wire donkey).
And a bike has the following parts:

  • der Lenker – handle bar
  • die Bremse/ die Bremsen – brake(s)
  • die Klingel – bell
  • der Sattel – saddle
  • das Vorderlicht – front light
  • das Vorderrad – front wheel
  • das Rücklicht – rear light
  • das Hinterrad – rear wheel
  • das Fußpedal/ die Fußpedale (or shortened to Pedal/e) – foot pedal(s)
  • das ventil – valve
  • der Reflektor/ die reflektoren – reflector(s)
  • die Speichen – spokes
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If you like to read more about bicycles in German, here is a little history about bikes: Meilensteine der Fahrradentwicklung

Or here is an easier article about bikes: Fahrrad

And two videos. This first one has tips for a roadworthy bike and how to cycle in Germany – in German, of course.

Or if you just fancy a nice easy song about cycling, watch this video:

Of course, you could also get on a stationary bike (stationäres Fahrrad) and practise some German at the same time ☺

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