German for cat lovers

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How do you practise your German when you’re no longer a beginner?

One way is to incorporate the new language into daily tasks. And even better, combine your love of German learning with your hobby!

I have already written posts for those who like trains, cycling, sewing, playing the guitar, chess or tennis, or want to keep fit. You’ll find them all in the category German for …

Today’s post is for those who love cats!

Combining your love of cats with learning German means that not only will you learn vocabulary that’s important to you (rather than learning the stuff from textbooks), you will improve your German reading skills (when you read newsletters, articles in magazines or on websites), your listening skills (when you watch a YouTube video) and your writing skills (when you make notes about a cat or your cat in German).

And you will do all that with websites or videos about cats! Win – win!

To start you off I have done some research and found some interesting websites for you to check out.

Klexicon is a wonderful website, not just for cat topics. It’s a Wikipedia type website aimed at children and therefore useful for German learners who like to read easier texts. Their page about Katzen is a great way to start learning German cat vocabulary.

You want it even easier? Try MiniKlexicon. These are the first few sentences about cats from MiniKlexicon:
“Katzen sind Raubtiere und gehören zu den Säugetieren. Es gibt sie fast überall auf der Welt. Sie fressen fast nur Fleisch.”

The following websites are not aimed at children, they are websites aimed at German cat lovers – great places to find out how to look after a cat and learn some German vocabulary as well.


This is a screenshot from their site to give you an idea of the level of vocabulary:

Deine Tierwelt

Deine Tierwelt is about pets and therfore has a whole section about cats The screenshot shows you some of the topics I saw on their homepage when I checked.


Fressnapf is a pet food company, but apart from selling things they also have lots of useful information, as you can see here:

They also have a YouTube playlist. Here is one of them about cats bringing ‘presents’

This is another website about pets which means it also has a section aaabout cats.

Once you’re in the cat section, you can click on any of the top orange links (as seen in this screenshot) to get more information, videos, pictures about cats.

Tierisch schlau has two YouTube cat playlists. One with facts about cats Katzen-Fakten, the other with tips to look after your cat Katzenpflege – die besten Tipps

Did you know which 10 things your cat might not like? This video explains it:

So, get yourself a notebook and start writing new cat vocabulary and/ or sentences, or write about your own cat in German. Any notebook will do, but if you wish you could buy the one I prepared:

Cat Journal for German Learners: An 8.5 by 11 inches journal for those who love cats as well as learning German

Or, if you prefer something digital instead of pen and paper, you can buy my Trello board.

I’ll leave you with one more video. Although this video is extremely funny, the word Stardenburdenhardenbart is completely made up and not a German word. (But don’t let that stop you watching and enjoying the video 😉)

German for cat lovers
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