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Today’s post is the third and last one about Upper German and we will learn how to speak Bavarian ☺ No, that would be an impossible task, but if you have never heard people speak Bavarian or would like to know more about Bayerisch, or Bayrisch, as it’s also often spelled, then stay here and watch some of the videos I found for you.

And a famous story about a man from Munich who dies and goes to heaven. There he is supposed to work but is more concerned about not getting his beer. So he ‘sings’ quite angrily until he gets a different job: bringing divine inspiration to the Bavarian government. Arriving back in Munich, he is so please to see the Hofbräuhaus, he goes straight in, drinks one beer after the other and forgets about the letter. And so the Bavarian Government is still waiting fro divine inspiration ☺

I also found a German – Bavarian translating app, where I typed in a thank you to you all for reading all my German dialect posts. This is what it says:

“Vuin Dank, dass ihr meine Artikl üba de deitschn Dialekte gelesn hobt.”

Want to try it out yourself? Go to Bayerisch/ Deutsch Übersetzer and type in a German sentence.

I typed one more and got: “I mog eich olle “

Yes, it means I like you all!


Found on Facebook!


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