German Christmas Markets

Have you ever been to a German Christmas Market?

Wooden stalls, marzipan, lovely Christmas decorations, mulled wine ……   Wonderful, if you get the chance to go….

And if you don’t, there are now  lots of Christmas markets around the world. Wikipedia even has a list. The most famous one in England is possibly the German Christmas market in Birmingham, as the stalls are from Birmingham’s twin town Frankfurt. I went there a few years ago and can confirm that the goods are genuine from Germany, most stallholder, unfortunately, aren’t German, but there are still a few with whom you can practise your German  😉

Two weeks ago I went to Salisbury which now has a German style Christmas market, wooden stalls, lovely decorations, but the goods are made locally, which is just as lovely.

If you would like to go to a German Christmas market, check out the German Christmas Market website which give you information about lots of German markets. If, however, you can’t go, here are some lovely videos to feast your eyes:

Have you been to a German Christmas market or have you been to one in the UK?

Which ones would you recommend?

Photo: Jena Christmas Market ©ReneS at flickr via Wikipedia

5 thoughts on “German Christmas Markets

    1. A travelling German market – that would be a great idea. They could cover quite a few towns during December! Chichester had a Christmas market and looking at some pictures it looks like it was a German style Christmas market. Maybe worth a visit next year?!

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