Genusly - a Chrome add-on for email writing in German

Here is another free resource well worth exploring: Genusly, a google chrome add-on. Just go to and download the chrome extension, then go to your gmail or outlook and start writing an email in German. You’ll find that suddenly your nouns appear coloured. Masculine nouns get highlighted in blue, feminine nouns in pink and neuter nouns in yellow. Nouns, which could be more than one gender, like ‘der See’ or ‘die See’ are highlighted in grey (but I only found out after I did the screenshots). Here is an email I wrote – and don’t worry, the highlights are only visible to you, not the recipient!


I then added some mistakes into the email:

I think, this could turn into a VERY valuable help when writing emails in German. Of course, nobody says you can only use it for writing emails. Just put any German text  into your email programme just to make sure the gender is correct, or use their website and type your text into the big textbox.

What do you think?

Update:  as Genusly is a new programme, some little gremlins seem to have sneaked in. Every so often a words gets highlighted in grey which doesn’t have more than one gender. Apart from that I have not found any mistakes.

Alternatively, if you would like to avoid making mistakes in the first place, check out my two Udemy courses ☺

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