Flipword – another way to practise your German

Flipword - another way to practise your German

For the last few weeks I’ve been trying out another way of practising German with the help of FlipWord, and it might be an interesting way for you to improve your German vocabulary.

It works via a widget, which replaces random English words on websites that you visit into German words for you to work with.

How does it work?

This is what they say:
“Most people don’t realize that forgetting what you learned is not the biggest problem.
Forgetting to learn or review in the first place is what matters most. 
FlipWord integrates language learning into one of your daily routines — browsing the web. You never need to start to learn. We have started for you in the content that you are already reading.

Our Chrome extension intelligently and automatically replaces a few words with your desired language on every webpage that you are casually browsing. If you hover over the replaced word, you will have access to a corresponding bite-sized lesson, ranging from vocabulary to fun communication practice. This might include audio-supported example sentences, typing and speaking practice, or even a short Youtube video containing the word you are learning. As you progress, gamified quizzes and interactive challenges will automatically be added to your flipping experience.”

Interested? Then go to https://flipword.co/  and register and add the chrome widget. You will then get the chance to set it your preference:

Flipword runs you through some exercises (just in English) to see what you can do, and when you’re ready, continue surfing the internet, like you normally do.

Depending on your level, you will suddenly see text like this for example:

Hover your mouse over the German word, in this case ‘schlafen’ und you’ll get

The word then stays in English so that you can carry on reading the text as originally planned.

Somebody who wants to learn at an advanced level, might see a text like this:

If, after a while, you have had enough of learning German and want to just surf the web, you can pause it for up to a day. You can also block pages – very useful for pages you need for work and where you don’t want to be disturbed with German words.

It took me a while to get used to it and to block those pages where I didn’t want to be disturbed.  But I think it’s an interesting way to practise some more German, especially as it’s free.

What do you think? A good idea or a bad idea?

Try it for a while (it is also very easy to uninstall, if you don’t like it) and then tell me what you thought.

Here’s the link again: https://flipword.co/



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