Famous Germans – Käthe Kruse

Famous Germans - Käthe Kruse

 “Käthe Kruse, who was born 17 September 1883 in Breslau and died 19 July 1968 in Murnau am Staffelsee, was a notable pioneer of German doll-making and went on to establish manufacturing principles which persist to this day.” (Wikipedia)

Her career started when her first daughter wanted a doll but her husband refused to buy one: “Ick koof euch keene Puppen. Ick find se scheißlich. Macht euch selber welche. (Berlin dialect: I’m not buying you any dolls. I hate them. Make your own.) So she started making her own dolls.

And the rest is history! If you go to the company’s website kaethe-kruse.de you can find out what dolls they make nowadays or you can read about the story of how Käthe started her dolls.

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Or you can stay here and watch a few YouTube videos about Käthe Kruse and her dolls ☺

The following video is from a German teacher, who made a video about Käthe Kruse and also about the German grammar, the passive in the imperfect tense:

I never had a Käthe Kruse doll. Did you?

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