Famous Germans – Carl Benz

Famous Germans - Carl Benz

“Karl Friedrich Benz; 25 November 1844 – 4 April 1929) was a German engine designer, automobile engineer, (or mechanical engineer). His Benz Patent Motorcar from 1885 is considered the first practical automobile. He received a patent for the motorcar in 1886.” (Source Wikipedia)

This is a good excuse for German learners who are also interested in cars to check out some sites or videos about Karl Benz or his motorcars.

Some interesting websites:

If you’d rather read something easier, try these articles:

Or how about some videos?

Wer hat das Auto erfunden?

Das erste Auto – Benz Patent-Motorwagen Nummer 1

Automobil: Benz & Daimler

Carl Benz | Automobilvisionär und Erfinder

And finally a German video with English subtitles (not all about Carl Benz): Learn German – The Art of German – Mannheim – Carl Benz – Jugendstil – Mozart

Enjoy learning about Carl Benz and picking up some new German words!

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