Die Wochentage - days of the week

Our little group of primary school children in Calne has been learning about the days of the week. For this we learned the song ‘Die Wochentage’ from Martina Schwarz’ book  ‘Hey hey hallo, learn German with songs’

Then we got really brave, made our own version and recorded it.

The song follows the same pattern. It starts with the question ‘Was machst du am …. (insert weekday)’ – What are you doing on …. The children answer and ask the others to join them ‘Komm doch mit!’

Here are our answers:

What comes next? The X-Factor? Deutschland sucht den Superstar?

Who knows, just watch this space 😉


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  1. I love it, Angelika – and you can see the way the kids loosen up, start to let go and enjoy themselves. And it’s great you don’t interrupt the fun by correcting them when they go wrong or egging them on when they hesitate.

    Brilliant learning! 🙂

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