Die kleine Backstube – a new book for anybody learning German

Die kleine Backstube - a new book for anybody learning German

EDIT 2019: I’m very sad to inform you that Andrew died October 2018, but his fantastic book is still there!
EDIT 2022: It seems that you can only buy this book second hand now, which is a shame.

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. It means I’ll get a few pence if you buy anything – at no extra cost to you.

Last week a friend told me about this forthcoming German book ‘Die kleine Backstube’. It is available on amazon as of today, Monday 15th May 2017.

Amazon’s description says “The future of the Little Bakery, in the family for 100 years, is uncertain. This is a story of how a young woman follows her passion to try and make something great. It tells of her creativity, hard work and determination, overcoming obstacles along the way.”  That sounds like an interesting story.

“The book is suitable for anybody learning German or younger native speakers.” Even better, I like books which are suitable for anybody learning German.

Then I found out that the author is English who loves the German language. I don’t know of any English authors who write in German because they love the German language. Who is this Andrew Knowlman?

Amazon tells you that, too: “Andrew was born in 1967 in Camberley, Surrey and was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in April 2015 aged 47. By the time Andrew wrote this book he was forced to do so using an Eye Gaze computer. Andrew went to school in York, where his love of languages began at a young age. He was interested in the world beyond the UK. He was lucky enough to travel and his parents spoke Norwegian. After completing his A-levels at school, Andrew studied German at Aston University in the UK’s midlands. Andrew has lived and worked in Germany, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Australia and France enjoying learning new languages on the way. He now lives in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, and has a wife called Jane and a son, their second child, Sebastian. With Andrew’s daughter, Valentina, learning and enjoying German at school and also developing a passion for baking, he felt compelled to write this book for her no matter what challenges that would bring.” WOW!

An English author, who loves languages and who writes a book in German using a computer operated by his eyes?
I was so impressed, I pre-ordered the book straight away. EDIT: My book arrived today. It’s a lovely story and very suitable for advanced German learners. Have a look:
Untitled design

And here is his video:

Are you as impressed as I as I am?

Then please buy his book!
And learn some more German ☺
UK: Die kleine Backstube
US: Die kleine Backstube
DE: Die kleine Backstube
FR: Die kleine Backstube

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  1. Hallo Angelika, ich wollte wissen, ob das Buch Ihnen gut gefallen ist! Können Sie bei Amazon eine Bewertung schreiben? Ich bedanke mich im voraus für Ihre Bemühungen. Grüße, Andrew Knowlman


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