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EDIT 28 January 2018: I just found out that the website has expired. I don’t know whether it will come back or not, so will leave this post for a while.

I am always amazed on the variety of different ways to practise your German that can be found online. Here is another one, Deutschbox. Deutschbox is for learners at A2, B1, B2 and C1 level, so not for absolute beginners (although if you are an absolute beginner, bookmark the page for later use)

According to the site “Deutschbox enables you to improve your German, the fun and easy way.
We provide you with videos, music, texts and dialogs to consume and practice. However, it is not like you would be able to find these in your typical German language textbook, as they are filled with colloquial speech (“Umgangssprache”) and typical phrases from our daily lives. What’s more, you won’t find much English language in our blog entries: They are all written in German, from beginning to end. But don’t worry!
Deutschbox, in every blog entry, provides you with an easy German writing style every learner should be able to grasp. What’s more, the blog entries come with clear explanations for new words and phrases. You can do this!”

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

And it is!

For example, I looked at their blog post about “Du oder Sie?” The post had 4 rules about when to use du or Sie, each rule was described in great detail with sample sentences, followed by a quiz to test yourself.

Most of their posts are in that layout, although some have videos, again with lengthy explanations and also a transcript.

I’ve read quite a few of their blog posts and I like them.

Is there a drawback? There is, if you want to learn about a particular topic as it’s not very easy to find what they have on offer. Unless I’ve missed anything, the only way to see what topics there are is to go to this page: where you’ll see some key words and the latest posts, which you may not find very useful.

BUT, you can subscribe to their newsletter. The you will receive an email with their latest post and if it looks interesting you can then read it on their website.

So, if you like learning new German words or grammar and like a bit of a surprise, subscribe to their newsletter and see what pops up in your inbox. Oh, and it’s all free ☺

Have you looked at their website? What do you think? Here is the link again

Deutsch Box

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