Der Spielplatz

The other day I walked past a playground. There were no children and I was very tempted to use the equipment … instead I just took a picture  😎

The verb ‘spielen’ means ‘to play’, so every noun starting with ‘Spiel…’ means it’s something to play with/ in … etc …

der Spielplatz – playground
das Spielzeug – lit. play thing = toy
das Spielzimmer – playroom
die Spielregeln – rules (to play)
das Spielfeld – playing field
der Spielverderber – somebody who ruins the game = spoilsport
der Spielverlauf – course of play
der Spielfilm – feature film
der Spieljunge – toy boy, no, actually, he’s called Toyboy in Germany too  😉

So, what sort of play equipment do you find on a playground?

  • der Sandkasten –  sandpit
  • das Karussell – merry-go-round
  • das Klettergerüst – climbing frame
  • die Schaukel – swing
  • die Rutsche – slide
  • die Wippe – see-saw

I found a video, which is originally aimed at 2-3 year olds – perfect for beginners ☺

And here is Peppa Pig visiting a playground – viel Spaß!

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