Deutsch am Donnerstag – Schnee

der Schnee

Don’t you just love snow in winter? Well, maybe not when you have to drive to work…
I certainly only like it when on holidays!

But I do like German snow words.

  • der Schnee – snow
  • der Schneemann – snow man
  • der Schneebesen – whisk (obviously nothing to do with real snow, but think what cream looks like)
  • der Schneefall – snow fall
  • der Schneeregen – sleet
  • der Schneesturm – snow storm
  • der Schneeball – snow ball
  • die Schneeballschlacht – snow ball fight
  • die Schneeflocke – snow flake
  • die Schneekugel – snow dome
  • die Schneekette – non-skid chain
  • die Schneefräse – snow blower
  • die Schneeeule – snowy owl (can also be written as Schnee-Eule)
  • das Schneeweiß – snow white (the colour)
  • das Schneewittchen – Snow White (the girl)

Video fans will like these snowy videos:

And if you all think this is old news or water under the bridge or an old hat, you can tell me that too:

Das ist Schnee von gestern!

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