Deutsch am Donnerstag – Lesezeichen


I love my Kindle! I love the convenience of carrying lots of books around with me in one small gadget. But I do miss one thing: bookmarks – Lesezeichen!

These are just some of the bookmarks I have, some were freebies, some I bought and others were presents.
Why am I telling you this?  To tell you about some German words? There aren’t many:

  • das Lesezeichen – bookmark
  • die Lesezeichen – bookmarks

Social bookmarks are called …wait for it … social Bookmarks in German, and you can even hear ‘bookmarken’ for ‘to bookmark’ 🙂 BUT, you can practice some German by making your own bookmarks, if you watch videos which tell you how to make them. Like this one:

Of course you could also make a bookmark with some German grammar you need to practice. I made two a few months ago which you may like: ‘mir oder mich’ or ‘kennen oder wissen’. Or you could have some fun on this page: Lesezeichen mit Namen where you can make your own named bookmark with a short text. This is one I tried: Screenshot_2014-10-29-10-47-50

All I need to do now is print it, colour it in and laminate it 🙂

Will you make your own German Lesezeichen?

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