Deutsch am Donnerstag – Kirmes

Deutsch am Donnerstag - Kirmes

Today I’m taking you to the fair, die Kirmes, also known as ‘der Jahrmarkt’, but you don’t have to go on any of the rides  :mrgreen:

Can you guess what some of the rides are called in German?

Yes, rides like the ‘Vortex’ are called Vortex in German! The same goes for many of the named rides, but there are also some general terms for fair rides:

die Achterbahn – roller coaster
die Geisterbahn – ghost train
das Karussell – merry-go-round
das Riesenrad – ferris wheel
die Raupe – caterpillar
Autoskooter – bumper cars

If this has whet your appetite to find out more, I have found an interesting website: where you can see lots of pictures of a variety of rides and also watch some videos …. if you can stomach it 🙂

Have a look at the following video about the Cranger Kirmes, one of the biggest fairs in Germany:

Or would you rather have some candy floss – Zuckerwatte?

Have you been to a German fair? What did you think of it?

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