Deutsch am Donnerstag – Eulen



A lot of people like owls – ‘Eulen’ in German – and like to collect ornaments etc…

So here is a little offering of German things with Eulen:

  • ‘Eine Nachteule’ is a night owl, somebody who goes to bed very late, just like in English
  • ‘Eine Schneeeule’ is a snowy owl, but watch out for the 3 Es. To make it easier to read, it can also be written as Schnee-Eule
  • ‘Eulen nach Athen tragen’ (literally, to carry owls to Athens)is the German equivalent to carrying coals to  Newcastle

Here is a video from one of my favourite German children’s authors:

Janoschs Traumstunde – der Esel und die Eule

If you’d rather bake cakes instead of watching children’s cartoons, how about decorating cupcakes as owls and still learn a bit of German

If, on the other hand, you like making things with loom bands, follow these German instructions and make an owl:

And if you have watched the videos and understood all the German, then you are ‘klug wie eine Eule’ – as wise as an owl.

Do you have an owl collection? Anything from Germany?

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