Das doofe Fischlied – a silly song?

Das doofe Fischlied

Do you know that feeling? You listen to a song on the radio. You find it absolutely terrible ….  and yet, you can’t get the tune out of your head for the rest of the day!!!

Yes? Well, this happened to me this morning. Somebody posted a video in a facebook group, I listened to it and even 10 hours later, I can still hear the tune and remember some of the words!

BUT – and this is where it gets interesting –  the song was designed to be silly, AND it’s for people learning German!

The tune is nice and easy and the text is silly, but it covers the nominative, accusative and dative in all three genders plus plural with adjectives.  So, instead of learning charts like:

Nominative: der/ die/ das/ die

Accusative: den/ die/ das/ die

Dative:         dem/ der/ dem/ den

plus ein/ eine/ ein etc… and the adjective endings (all  boring stuff, if you only learn it as charts/ lists), all you have to do is

sing this song 🙂

So, next time, when you’re stuck and can’t remember whether it’s der netten Mann or der netter Mann or der nettem Mann or der  nette Mann, just sing the song again and you’ll remember which one it is (it is der nette Mann).

I think, this is a useful song (thanks to Brad Yoder for writing it and to Herrn Wallace for adding the text and the translation to the video). What do you think?

EDIT: If you wish to learn more about the cases, check out my online course: German grammar – the four cases   It  takes you back to basics and will teach you everything you need to know about the German nominative, accusative, dative & genitive case.

6 thoughts on “Das doofe Fischlied – a silly song?”

  1. It’s catchy mnemonics like that which really help you learn stuff, much as they’re annoying because they stick in your brain like chewing gum to the heel of your shoe. Thanks for sharing…

    • Exactly, at first it’s just very annoying chewing gum, but one day you’ll desperately need something sticky, and remember that chewing gum on the heel of your shoe … oh, how handy it will be then 😉


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