Introducing Martina


We have already worked together on various language projects so I would like to welcome Martina.  It seems more effective to pool resources…

Martina has joined Angelika’s German Tuition & Translation in 2012 and is also a native German speaker. Originally from the Stuttgart area in Germany, she now lives in Melksham.  Just like Angelika, she has experience in teaching German and translating from English into German and from German into English.

Together we are looking into organising some German classes in Melksham, and if you live in Melksham and would like German lessons near your home rather than in Devizes, Martina is ideally placed.

If you live further away she would be happy to teach via Skype or support you by email.

Martina studied English and German (Magister) at Stuttgart University.  This meant intensive translation practice, studying language and literature, Shakespeare, Chaucer and Old English texts. Over the years Martina has translated widely with topics ranging from veterinary texts (this included voice-overs), fashion, computer-related material and business subjects.

Martina has also worked as a Language Teaching Assistant in several Wiltshire secondary schools helping to prepare students for their speaking exam.

Martina is now concentrating on being a private tutor/translator and is happy to teach all levels from beginners to A-Level.

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