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useful link Regular readers know that I’m always on the lookout for free resources to enable you to speak smarter German and I made another find. A fellow German teacher, Michael Schmitz – he teaches German in Berlin and online – has an interesting website with great YouTube videos. The site is called Smarter German and he teaches one-to-one but also sells online video courses.  His courses cover A1, A2 and B1 levels (from beginners to GCSE level).  Some of his videos can be found on Youtube and I show you one for each level:

All courses come with a grammar ebook which also has exercises to practise the grammar. These ebooks can be bought separately but the A1 grammar book is free (although the free version hasn’t got all the exercises or grammar explanations as the full version). EDIT 2017: It looks like he took the free book off the site as I can’t find it anymore.

I watched some of Michael’s videos and have seen the grammar books and I like them. Why don’t you have a look at his site, get his free book and watch some of his videos: Smarter German

As I always say – anything to give you smarter German must be good ☺


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