Can I get my favourite cereals in Germany?

Can I get my favourite cereals in Germany?If you had asked that question when I was a little girl, the answer might have been a NO. Growing up I only knew of  ‘Haferflocken’ (oats) and then Müsli and Conflakes. The word ‘Cerealien’ for cereal wasn’t even used because the only cereal was Conflakes.

Thinks have changed over the years as the following infographic shows. The last time I was in Germany I took some photos of cereal boxes in a supermarket. There were more but I think you can see that you wouldn’t miss out if you went to Germany ☺

I know there are other companies and not just Kellogg, but just look at this screen shot from Wikipedia about the introduction of Kellogg cereals over the years

And to make sure you’re REALLY hungry, here are some older adverts. Enjoy!

To get back to the original question: Can you get my favourite cereals in Germany? The answer might still be NO, but there is enough choice to find something similar … I hope!

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