If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. If I’m buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen!

The above quote is from Willy Brandt, a former German Chancellor and I think about it every time I see a website which has been translated by a translating website! Those translating websites aren’t a bad idea if you want to know something from a foreign website. Sometimes they translate well, sometimes they don’t but … Read more

I haven’t got a clue what I’m reading here!

How often have you had those thoughts? Especially if you are learning a foreign language? Does the following sound familiar? You are learning a foreign language and are beginning to get a bit confident, when after a few weeks or months you come across a text, maybe a newspaper article, in that language ……… and you feel you … Read more

The, the & the

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. It means I might get a few pence if you buy anything – at no extra cost to you. As I said in my last blog, there are 3 ways of saying ‘the’ (actually, there are lots more, but we ignore that for the time being!). Whether you need … Read more


1982, at the age of 23 I moved away from home and left Germany for a new life in England. My mum cried when I went and I also felt very sad. On the other hand I was far too excited to feel sad. Fast forward to 30 June 2009; that was the day I … Read more

Cowboys and Indians

Thinking back to shortly after I moved to England, this was the time before satellite TV, although England just got Channel 4 and therefore had one more TV channel than Germany. Still, Saturday afternoons were awful. All you could watch was either Wrestling or Snooker or black & white war films (at least that’s what … Read more

Thoughts after reading another blog

The other day I read and commented on Cathy Dobson’s blog (The blog has sadly gone) about her first few (acually 20) years of living in Germany after having moved there from England. It brought back many memories of when I moved from Germany to England. I was lucky because I already spoke (if badly) English, … Read more

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