Angelika Davey

Word Plays

While I was teaching somebody today we were talking about the German and English words for jobs  and ...


Apparently ‘German & Humour’ doesn’t exist

People frequently tell me that Germans don’t have a sense of humour and the term German comedian is ...


Is there a difference between losing weight and learning German?

This question came to my mind this morning while I cleaned out the chicken house ( Don’t ask ...


10 reasons for German

I came across this article the other day, where German bestseller writer Bastian Sick was asked to give ...


What’s the difference between skydiving and learning German?

They are actually quite the same! EDIT 2017: Sadly, the video has disappeared from YouTube, but the comparison ...


What? More music?

So, Tokio Hotel appeals to the teens, the Wise Guys are good for adult education, which leaves primary ...


… and a thank you to the Wise Guys

EDIT 2017: Sadly, the Wise Guys have split up, but their website is still available (although won’t be ...


A Thank You to Tokio Hotel

Today was the first day I ever heard some songs from Tokio Hotel! I always thought their music ...


Need a language guide?

I went to London today to attend the annual Language Show and it was a great success again. ...



If you have read one of my earlier posts you know that I am not very keen on ...


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