Angelika Davey

Driving to Germany this winter?

If you are driving to Germany this winter you will need winter tyres. As from Monday 29th November ...


Living with guilt

All day today I have either read on blogs, heard on the radio, seen on TV or spoken to ...


Ich geh’ mit meiner Laterne

In many areas of Germany children will go out tonight with their lanterns and sing this song. But ...


The towels have landed in the library!!!

Luckily not literally! You’ve heard these holiday stories: holiday makers go to the beach and find all good ...



  When I still lived in Germany there was no Halloween. The only time we heard about it ...



When Germans like a songs so much that they can’t get it out of their head they call ...


Could learning German and jogging be the same?

Surely not, you may think! I’m not so sure, so let me explain: I love walking. For the ...


The letter ß and those other German letters

I read an interesting article on the Deutsche Welle website this morning (if you want to read it ...


German recipe: kalte Hundeschnauze

Yesterday, while listening to the radio, I heard about a recipe for a refrigerator cake. It reminded me ...


Paul the Octopus is dead

It had to happen sometime – Paul, the psychic octupus has died of old age. So, who was ...


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