Angelika’s challenge: learn German for 30 days and win prizes

Angelika's challenge: learn German for 30 days and win prizes

Happy New Year!

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Were any of them about learning German?
If yes, then this blog post will be perfect for you! Because ………..

I am inviting you to join my 30 day learn German challenge. Start today or the next few days (last day to start is Sunday 10th) and spend the next 30 days at least 5 minutes learning some German. That could be doing a unit on Duolingo, reading a German online article or something from a book/ textbook, listen purposely to a German song, play an online game … anything which makes you learn/ practise some German at whichever level you are.

But, that’s not all. Keep track of what you have done and learned, use something like the screenshot of the top of my sheet.


You can download the whole sheet here (once you’re on the page, click on file, then download as … to use it on your PC) – or you can make up your own sheet or use a notebook, anything you like. Add the 30 consecutive days to your sheet and fill in the two columns. The first one is for the type of exercise you did, for example, exercise 2 on page 20 from textbook, unit … from Duolingo, grammar game from whichever webpage, whichever exercise you spend some time with (if you are stuck for ideas, check out my blog posts with free online resources). Then have fun doing your activities and complete the last column with whatever you have learned. That could be a new word or phrase, maybe you finally understood a grammar rule or know how to pronounce a word you struggled with before.

At the end of the 30 days feel proud about everything you have learned.

But, that’s not all either!

If you email me a copy of your filled in 30 days sheet (only I will see it, nobody else), you will not only feel proud of your success, no, you can also win prizes:

  • 1 x free six months subscription to Yabla (thank you, Hanser, for arranging this prize)
  • 1 x free six months subscription to Learn with Oliver (thank you, Oliver, for arranging this prize)
  • 3 x free three months Premium to the FlashSticks App (thank you, Francesco, for arranging this prize)
  • 1 x your choice of my books

And everybody who sends me their sheet will also get one of my Udemy courses for free plus a coupon for 20% off a pack of FlashSticks .

Are you in? To be entered into the draw, you must email me the completed forms by the 10th February. Edited, the deadline is the 11th February. You can, of course, start your own challenge any time, but sadly you won’t be entered into the draw after the 11th February 2016.

I'm doing Angelika's 30 days learn German challenge! Join me! #learngerman Share on X




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