Angelika’s blogging competition for German language students

A few weeks ago I entered a competition for writing a story in  26 sentences in the order of the alphabet. I enjoyed it so much that I thought this would be a great idea for a German competition.

So –

Can you write a story in 26 sentences in German, starting the first one with the letter A, the second with B ….. up to Z?

If yes, then enter my competition! If you are worried about the letters Q, X, Y, I can understand if you don’t find anything. So, leave them out, if need be, and beginners only have to write the sentences, it doesn’t have to be a story. It is mainly for fun, but there are prizes, too.

There are three categories, beginners, intermediate and advanced.

    One beginner entry will receive the new set of beginners FlashSticks

One intermediate entry will receive a mouse mat with all the shortcuts to those foreign characters and a ruler (go on, admit it – you always wanted a ruler with German numbers and days  😉 )

One advanced entry will receive an everlasting calendar with German information (yours is still shrink wrapped)

In addition, every entry will receive my free eBook with lots of free German online resources, currently only available to newsletter subscribers.

To make it a fair competition, there has to be one rule:

To be entered into the draw you must be a German learner outside of Germany. German nationals, teachers or translators will not be entered into the draw. They are, however, very welcome to write a story for fun and for possible future publishing in a blog post.

So, give it a go, write 26 sentences in German – as best as you can – from A to Z, send them and your email address to me (contact details are here) stating that you are a German learner and which category you are entering.

Competition closes Saturday 14th December, which means, Royal Mail permitting, the prizes will still arrive in time for Christmas!

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