A lovely surprise from FlashSticks #payitforward

As I drove home from teaching yesterday I realised with horror that I hadn’t written a blog post for over two weeks. Still thinking what to write I arrived home to see that the postman left a little parcel. I hadn’t ordered anything lately, so what was it?

I opened it and found a Nutella cookery book with stickers on and a letter which started with:

” Hi Angelika,

Soooo, you’re probably wondering what all this is about, right? …”

Too right I was wondering!

Then I read this blogpost from FlashSticks and it all made sense!

So, you lovely people from FlashSticks, (especially Gareth!), thank you ever so much for the book and  I will pay it forward. I have chosen one of my twitter followers and have bought a little present for this person which I will posts later today.

I also bought a jar of Nutella to start cooking, as you can see

What do you mean I’m not supposed to eat it straight from the jar?!?

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