Hatschi! 10 German phrases to explain your cold

When you  learn German, after a while you know what to say when you are ill. As that topic still comes reasonably early in your learning journey, the sentences are normally straight forward, like Ich habe Kopfschmerzen (I have a headache) or Ich habe Halsschmerzen (I have a sore throat), just like I wrote in a blog post about illnesses before.

Today I’d like to take those sentences a bit further, assuming that your German is a little more advanced than that of a beginner. If you had a cold (Ich bin erkältet) and the doctor would like to hear a few more details, what might/ could you say?

After  those ‘lovely’ sentences, you’ll need something to cheer yourself up with, so how about a video about Stefan Raab, a German TV host, who phones a free cough hotline to test his cough:

Or how about this children’s song about the coughs of earthworms?

And we can’t forget Peppa Pig, whose brother got a cold:

Hatschi – Atishoo!
Gesundheit – bless you!


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