7+ dog signs you can see in Germany

Although I don’t have a dog, I decided on my last visit to Germany, to look out for dog signs – just in case you wish to travel to Germany with your dog. So, one day I went dog sign hunting ☺
I’m sure there are a lot more signs than just the ones I found, but here they are:

This is easy, no text and a pretty obvious sign!

Another obvious sign without any text!

This sign was at the end of a private property with just one word that even beginners will recognise as ‘no’: NEIN!

Although this bin is self explanatory, it does have this wonderful long word “Hundekotentsorgung”.

 ‘Naherholungsgebiet’ is your local recreation ground. But what do you need to do?

Can you take your dog onto a play park in Germany?

But my favourite sign is one last one. Actually, I won’t show it to you yet, let’s work with some of those words and a few more ‘dog’ words/ phrases first. It’s on Educandy’s site and  you can play it here. (no login required)

If you are travelling to Germany with your dog, I found a website with useful information: Traveling with Pets in Germany

Okay, now for my favourite sign. It’s funny but also a little rude, so I won’t translate it for you – that should keep you busy with a dictionary☺

If you’d like to see more signs, I found a page on Pinterest: Hundeschilder

If you travel to Germany and find more signs, I’d love to have copies of your photographs!

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