Advent Calendar Day 8

Today’s post has been written by Hannah. Thank you, Hannah!

I had to do two years of German lessons at school but languages were not my strong point and I dropped the subject as soon as I could.  Several years later I visited Germany for the first time.  I spent a fantastic summer in Munich.  The weather was great, the people were great and the food was great but above all the trips to the Alps were amazing.  I love hill walking and I would like to move to the Alps if I won the lottery.  To this end I have attended various German courses on and off for the past thirteen years.  I have used my very basic knowledge of German on business trips and also on walking holidays in the Alps.

Hannah, scientist, Salisbury


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  1. I’ve  only ever been to the Alps on a one day visit, but a hill walking holiday sounds very enticing. I’m glad, you managed to use your German for business AND leisure!

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